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dr. george tilesch

PHI Institute for Augmented Intelligence President

DR. George Tilesch is a senior global innovation and AI expert, executive, consultant, and author, primarily in the transatlantic space. For over 25 years, George has been active as a cross-sector and cross-industry conduit between innovation and AI ecosystems worldwide and as a trusted advisor for world leaders. His global senior executive and strategy consulting leadership track record span decades with government leaders on all continents; Microsoft, Ipsos, and Fortune 50 Tech corporations; international organizations and global think tanks (World Economic Forum, Club de Madrid); startups/scaleups; and global social innovation leaders. Dr. Tilesch is also the co-author of the 2020 book BetweenBrains: Taking Back our AI Future. As a C-suite advisor, researcher, convener, keynote speaker, and guest lecturer at major universities, George is headquartered in Silicon Valley and circling the globe in pursuit of delivering on PHI Institute’s mission: Doing AI Well. He is on the board of advisors for Harvard’s Experfy AI Talent platform and the AI Ambassador of Neumann Society. Recently, he was awarded a honorary doctorate at the University of Pécs