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Rozália Zubor

Host of Hello Anyukám podcast

I am Rozália Zubor, a writer, journalist, digital content creator, podcaster, and a mother of three. Known as the “YesMom.” My first podcast, “Tell Me, Mom!” launched in January 2020, where I served as both a host for over 200 episodes and its creator. This was followed in May 2021 by “What Women Were!” which I also conceptualized. Both podcasts were available on the online platforms of Éva magazine. Then, in 2023, I took a big step and launched my podcast, “Yes Indeed!” From February 2024, I actively participate in the production of the “Hello Mom” podcast, and from International Women’s Day on March 8th, I contribute to the production of the “What Great Women Were” podcast as an enthusiastic all-rounder: as a host, editor, and occasionally as an editor as well. In addition to this, I am currently a regular contributor to the Telekom Hello Parent website, co-author of two women’s history books, “What Mothers Were” and “What ‘Sluts’ Were,” and my first novel is set to be released at the end of April this year.