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tayssir khalfallah

Partnership & PR Manager

Be it on stage, on set, at work, or at university, Tayssir epitomizes a vibrant and dynamic presence, infusing creativity into every facet of her endeavors. Over the past 7 years residing in Hungary as a Tunisian citizen, she has diligently nurtured a profound love for both stand-up comedy and acting, which have afforded her the opportunity to be on several captivating productions. Presently, she diligently applies the finishing touches to her master’s thesis in International Relations while concurrently assuming the role of PR & Sponsorship manager for an freshly-established artist booking agency. Despite her myriad responsibilities, Tayssir remains committed to curating engaging online content and graciously lends her time to oversee Audiosmart’s English speaking sessions, showcasing her unwavering dedication to both her academic and professional pursuits.