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sena Dagadu


Sena Dagadu began immersing herself in the world music scene in 2001, periodically showcasing her boundless imagination and talents. She is associated with numerous Irie Maffia albums and three solo albums; her musical projects are characterized by experimentation with various sounds and styles. From Shakespearean sonnets to hip hop, from Afrobeat to dancehall, she has created a vibrant music scene in Hungary. Her persistent work in recent years has resulted in hundreds of concerts and studio recordings worldwide, and she continues to win over the hearts and ears of her fans without pause. Thanks to her Ghanaian heritage, a small slice of Ghanaian culture has long been present in Hungary, and her upcoming album builds on this legacy. Focusing on her African roots and musical influences, and collaborating with Ghanaian artists, she presents her latest masterpieces, spreading messages of multiculturalism, communication, peace, strength, and love.