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JOCÓ Balatoni

Host of Ma is tanultam valamit podcast



My name is József Balatoni, I am a history teacher, trainer, writer, speaker, expert, influencer, one of the hosts of the “Munkaszünet” and “Ma is tanultam valamit” podcasts, a featured speaker and expert at the Responsible Parents School, a regular contributor to, and the owner of the Jocó bácsi világa community pages (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Threads). For the past 10 years, I have worked full-time at the Kontyfa Elementary School and High School, leaving the teaching profession last autumn. During teaching and training sessions, I combine experiential pedagogy, game-based learning, cooperative learning, and drama pedagogy to create a unique blend of teaching methods. My goal is to spread these new approaches to as many places as possible and encourage more educators to dare to change and teach differently from traditional frontal teaching methods. My fundamental principle is for students to spend quality time at school, where they feel their progress, enjoy themselves, and develop a love for learning. Because fundamentally, school is a very good place. Really. We just need to show them what’s good about it and how it can be even better. That’s the goal, the rest will follow naturally if the student enjoys what they’re doing. I uphold the same approach in my training sessions for teenagers and even in corporate training sessions.